Critique No. 1: Coverage of PNC Park upgrades could use some tweaking of its own


This photo taken from the website of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Originally, I wanted to critique throughout the quarter for our class, partly because I will be a member of its team in Pittsburgh this summer and partly because it’s such a fascinating source of news and information. When I realized that we’d be sharing our posts publicly, I figured that might not be such a good idea, after all. So instead, I have decided to make observations about the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, one of two big-circulation papers from back home in Western Pennsylvania.

For our first post, I’d like to write about a piece that was published online Tuesday at 4:30 p.m. The story’s headline is “Many new offerings at PNC Park for upcoming season” and it can be found here. Basically, the piece outlines the addition of a new bar, a new restaurant and other new food items available for purchase at the Pirates’ ballpark. (To be honest, all of it sounds pretty good.) The story itself is clean and well-written, but it could have used another source besides team executive vice president Lou DePaoli. For example, a fan’s take on the changes would have been nice.

Along with reporter Jon Schmitz’s story, there is also a video available to watch, which was made by Nate Guidry. As a whole, the video was above average. It featured interviews with two people and presented new information. Guidry incorporated B-roll footage, which is good, except that it didn’t always fit well with the information being presented. I will say, though, that Guidry’s food shots were excellent, although maybe the credit for that should go to the chef. Speaking of the chef, Adam Holt, he is not identified during his first appearance, which might be a small mistake but a mistake, I would think, all the same. In addition to that, some of the camera work is dicey, and that adds to the video’s less-than-impressive quality.

The Post-Gazette promoted the story and accompanying video on its Facebook and Twitter accounts Tuesday, which is definitely a good thing. Visitors to the page were also encouraged to comment near the bottom of the screen, and they could do this as Facebook users, something I often find is convenient. If a reader felt like sharing the article, he or she was given plenty of options to do this by the Post-Gazette, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or LinkedIn.


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Mark Emery is a recent Ohio University alum who covers baseball prospects for in New York City. You can email him at
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