Student anticipating the start of Greek Week

For many at Ohio University, springtime means rowdy street fests and relaxing trips to Strouds Run. For the men and women in the school’s fraternities and sororities, the season is also known for Greek Week.

The uninitiated can only watch as the university’s Greek community participates in what is by all accounts a generally rocking good time. Olivia Arbogast, a junior in the Sigma Kappa sorority, can’t wait for start of the yearly event, which takes place May 6-11.

“It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year,” Arbogast said. “I like it better than Homecoming Week.”

The six-day event is characterized by various competitions and games. Fraternities and sororities are divided up into different teams, each of which will hope to be crowned the week’s winner during its closing games.

This year, Sigma Kappa will compete alongside the fraternities ACACIA and Alpha Phi Alpha. The three groups make up the Spongebob team in this year’s Nickelodeon-inspired Greek Week. They’ll need to work together for many tasks, including Airbands, a skit competition in which teams dance and act in front of the entire Greek community at the Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

“Our storyline has to revolve around Spongebob,” Arbogast said, “and you get extra points if you have any music from the 90s.”

Penny Wars is an event that will last throughout the week. Each team has a bucket positioned outside Baker Center. If Sigma Kappa’s bucket has pennies or paper money in it, positive points are awarded to team Spongebob. Points are subtracted, however, if that bucket is filled with silver change. The money raised by each team goes to a local food bank.

“You’re trying to build up your own team’s money and put all your silver change in other teams’ bins,” Arbogast said. “You’re trying to raise money and win at the same time.”

Philanthropy is something virtually every Greek organization takes part in. The same goes for good, old-fashioned fun.

Before Arbogast finished speaking, she did admit with a smile that there is a themed-social every night for the Spongebob team, one of which will be held with Dave Rave, the popular local dance party. She sounded pretty excited about Greek Week as a whole, and odds are she’s not the only Ohio University student looking forward to its start.


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Mark Emery is a recent Ohio University alum who covers baseball prospects for in New York City. You can email him at
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